Hiring Maintenance Personnel for Oil and Gas/Refinery Project Qatar

Hiring Maintenance Personnel for Large Oil and Gas/Refinery Project in Qatar


  1. CHENNAI – 17 & 18 – HOTEL CLARION
  2. BARODA – 21 & 22 – HOTEL LORDS INN

How To Apply for This Job: Read the Job Details carefully, If the Job Requirement matches your Profile, Apply by Sending Resume with Document  to the Email ID Mentioned on the Job Ad / JD or Call them or Contact office on the mentioned Address.

hiring maintenance personnel for oil and gas refinery project qatar

Read the ad to know more about the vacancies and the qualifications / Experience reqd. | Read the Ad carefully before you apply

hiring maintenance personnel for oil and gas/ refinery project for qatar.

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How do employee benefits work?
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You may find all the details you require concerning Qatar’s benefits and compensation practises in the article that follows.

Qatari Compensation Laws
Qatar did not have a national salary for employees until 2017 in contrast to other countries. Wages must be paid in Qatar’s official currency, according to Section 29. various other currencies

Employees should receive their salaries on a monthly/annual basis. The salary should be deposited into the worker’s bank account, and a written agreement should be provided by the employer or a designated representative. Qatari employees are usually preferred over foreign employees in Qatar, but skilled and qualified foreign nationals are also eligible for employee benefits. The working hours without overtime in Qatar are 48 hours per week, but during Ramadan the working time decreases to 36 hours. Violations of these laws are subject to heavy fines or penalties.

To create an employee benefits program for employees in Qatar, it is easy to design an employee compensation policy. A well-thought out plan that addresses all the needs and requirements of the workers is the best way to create a perfect balance between your company and clients. The following 10 steps will help you create an effective employee benefits program for your company.

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hiring maintance

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